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Do You Know Which Place is Known As Kashi of Kumaon?

Bagnath Temple is one of the most popular & oldest temples of Lord Shiva which is clearly described in Shiv Puran. It is also known as “Kashi of Kumaon”. The temple is located in Bageshwar district Uttarakhand and situated on the confluence of Saryu river & Gomti river.

Bagnath Mandir (Source: The Divine India)
It is surrounded by the mountains such as Bhileshwar in east & Nileshwar in the west. And, on the north side, Suraj Kund is located and Agni Kund in the south. The oldest name of the Bagnath temple is Vyaghreshwar. On the walls of the temple, 07th to 16th-century sculptures are designed. Bagnath’s height is approx 3294 feet (1004 meter) above sea level. And, it’s the holy land of Lord Shiva & Parvati.

Saryu & Gomti River Confluence Bagnath Temple (Source: go-travel-discoverer)

Who built the Bagnath Temple?

The Bagnath temple was built by the King of Chanda Dynasty Laxmi Chand in 1450. The king was given the new name of Bagnath in place of Vyaghreshwar. After the Chandra Dynasty, the Katyuri dynasty ruled here.

Image of Bagnath During 1800 Century

There was only the residential township of 8 to 10 houses. And in 1860, around 200 shops & other townships were grown up.

Image of Bagnath During 1900 Century

In 1904, the British government proposed connecting the railway line of Tanakpur to Bagnath. And, it was not completed by them. In 1906, the first Dispensary inaugurated here. In 1909, the first post office opened here by the British government. In 1913, the Jhula bridge was constructed there.

Saryu River Bridge (Source: Its Trending Now)

In 1951, Bageshwar was illuminated with electricity for the first time. In 1960, The former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi came here but the project of the railway line is still pending. In 1970, a motor bridge was also built just adjacent to the Jhula bridge. And, nowadays, heavy vehicles are running on this bridge. In 1974, former Chief Minister Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna established the first-degree college here.

Bageshwar College (Source: Facebook)

Nowadays, 5 nationalized banks & 6 hospitals are functioning in Bageshwar.

District Hospital Bageshwar (Source:

Partition from Almora in 1997

Bagehswar-Almora Partition (Source: Wikimedia)
Before 1997, It was part of Almora district and after that, it was separated from Almora & became a district on 15th September 1997.

Why did Lord Shiva incarnate into the Tiger & Lord Parvati into the Cow in Bagnath?

Lord Shiva Statue Bageshwar (Source: Tripadvisor)
Once upon a time, Markandeya Rishi was doing meditation on the way of the Saryu river. And, the Saryu river was on the condition of the flood which could be destroyable of the resources of the earth. Then, Maharishi Vashishtha requested Lord Shiva to stop his meditation and Lord Shiva incarnated himself into Tiger and Lord Parvati incarnated herself into a cow. Then, the tiger started to roar at the cow. And, the cow started moo due to fear of the Tiger. Then, suddenly, Rishi Markandeya’s meditation stopped and he opened his eyes and went to rescue the cow from the tiger. And, the Saryu river started to flow easily. That’s why Bagnath temple is famous in the Kumaon region.

Uttarayani Fair Bageshwar (Source: YouTube)
There are a lot of fairs organized but “Uttarayani Fair” is the most popular cultural fair in Bageshwar which is held during Makar Sankranti every year.

Education: In 1926, the first school was started here. CBSE & CISCE affiliations are going on thereafter in independent India. The current literacy rate is near about 80%.

Temperature at Bagnath

The highest temperature is approx 38 degrees C in the first week of June. And, the average temperature is approx 20 degrees C throughout the year. And, in the month of May-June, approx 20 degrees to 21 degrees celsius.

Trees at Bagnath Hills

Bageshwar Trees (Source: Dissolve)
This area is also full of nature with some special trees such as Sal wood, Chir Pine, Pindrow Fir, Himalayan Cypress, Alder, and Saindon.

Demographic Condition in Bagnath

Approximately 94% of the Hindu population lives here and the rest of the 6% are Muslims, Jainism, Buddhism, Christian, etc.

Popular Dance in Bagnath

Bageshwar Chholiya Dance (Source: Blogspot)
The local culture of Bagnath is also very beautiful. The local people used to do Hurka Baul, Jhumaila, Chholiya, and Jhora Chanchari dances in the festivals.

How to Explore Bagnath While Staying nearby Kumaon Region

If you’re a nature & mountain lover then you’ll surely enjoy the beauty of Bagnath. And, you can easily explore the Kumaon region only if you have your own luxury family cottages for Sale in Mukteshwar or nearby Almora. So, it would be easy for you to explore more places. From the Mukteshwar region, The Bagnath temple is just 129 Km away from the Mukteshwar. Also, you can buy property in Uttarakhand for sale in your budget. And, if you’re a lake lover then you should have family luxury cottages for sale in Nainital hills.

Nearest Tourist Places in Bageshwar

  1. Bagnath Temple
  2. Baijnath Temple
  3. Pandusthal Trek
  4. Pitari Glacier
  5. Chandika Temple

Transportation Service for Bagnath Temple

The nearest airport is Pantnagar approx 185 Km via NH309A and NH109.

Railway Connectivity: Kathgodam railway station 151 Km via NH309A and NH109.

Also, well-connected by motorable roads. From Delhi to Bageshwar is approx 442 km.


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