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Uttarakhand’s Most Toughest Trek of The 4th Kedar Temple Out of Panch Kedar

Rudranath Temple is one of the most popular temples in all Lord Shiva’s Five Kedar (Panch Kedar) temples. It’s located at a height of 2290 meters above sea level. Here, Lord Shiva’s Ekanan (one face) image is worshipped by the devotees, while Lord Shiva’s full-body worships in the Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal. Rudranath Temple (Source: inspirock) Before Reaching Rudranath, Visit Gopeshwar: The Head-Quarter of the Chamoli District Gopeshwar (Source: Himalaya’s Trishul & Nanda Devi peaks are clearly visible from here, which adds the beauty of this temple. For visiting the Rudranath Temple, you would have to visit the first Gopeshwar. Gopeshwar is the headquarters of the Chamoli. The ancient Gopinath temple is also located in Gopeshwar. Here, the iron trident of the Gopinath temple is also the center of attraction in the temple. And, people don’t forget to worship in Gopinath temple. Iron Trident in Gopinath Temp

Do You Know Which Place is Known As Kashi of Kumaon?

Bagnath Temple is one of the most popular & oldest temples of Lord Shiva which is clearly described in Shiv Puran. It is also known as “ Kashi of Kumaon ”. The temple is located in Bageshwar district Uttarakhand and situated on the confluence of Saryu river & Gomti river. Bagnath Mandir (Source: The Divine India) It is surrounded by the mountains such as Bhileshwar in east & Nileshwar in the west. And, on the north side, Suraj Kund is located and Agni Kund in the south. The oldest name of the Bagnath temple is Vyaghreshwar . On the walls of the temple, 07th to 16th-century sculptures are designed. Bagnath’s height is approx 3294 feet (1004 meter) above sea level. And, it’s the holy land of Lord Shiva & Parvati. Saryu & Gomti River Confluence Bagnath Temple (Source: go-travel-discoverer) Who built the Bagnath Temple? The Bagnath temple was built by the King of Chanda Dynasty Laxmi Chand in 1450. The king was given the new name of Bagnath in