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The Ramgarh Bungalows | Travel in Uttarakhand | History of Ramgarh

Ramgarh is a small hill station located in the Nainital district, located at a distance of Nainital 24 km. Ramgarh region holds its specialty from Malla Ramgarh and Talla Ramgarh. Where Talla Ramgarh is located 7 to 8 km away from Malla Ramgarh.

Ramgarh is known for the production of fruits, due to which it is also called the fruit strip of Kumaon. The beauty of Ramgarh is its peace, nature and cold water air, due to which this area was also the fourth city of the British. If we measure the height of Ramgarh, its height is 1730 meters from the sea. Due to which the snowfall is seen here, the Malla Ramgarh is colder than Talla Ramgarh.
Let's go to the pages of the past and know about the history of Ramgarh. By the way, the evidence of the discovery of Ramgarh is believed to be in the form of the 1700 years when the people of Nathwa Khan used to go to Haldwani via Ramgarh. But its story is quite interesting when the English people came inside the Chavani area in search of Mukteshwar wh…