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How to Spend a Day in The Less Explored Hill Station Gwaldam Uttarakhand

Gwaldam is situated at an altitude of 1629 meters, amidst green forest and apple orchards. 40 km from Kausani, the Gwaladam offers an enchanting view of the Himalayan peaks Nanda Devi (7817 m), Trishul (7120 m) and Nanda Ghuti (6309 m). Gwaldam is 22 km from Baijnath.

Gwaldam is a small city, the main reason for its prosperity is that it is the station of Kumaon and Garhwal and from here many roads lead to different areas and villages.

Trekking Routes To Gwaldam From Kathgodam

Lord Curzon Trail (Kuari Pass) - Source: Indian Pilgrimage Tours

It is also a base camp for trekkers who enter the trekking route from the Kathgodam (Nainital) railway to the Lord Curzon Trail (Kuari Pass), Nanda Devi Raj Jat and Roopkund. It was once a market for the potato and apple trade. From here, the beautiful snow-clad Himalayan peaks are seen and this place surrounded by pine trees attracts tourists.
Nanda Devi Raj Jat - Source: Haridwar Rishikesh Tourism

Some Less Explored Tourist Places in Gwaldam

Pindar River Source: Facebook
There are many places to visit here, you can have a picnic as well as visit many temples like Badhangarhi, Gwaldam Nag, Angiri Mahadev, Machi Tal, Buddha Temple, Pindar River sites, wildlife-rich areas along Roopkund Road and Like this. The main village of Atal Adarsh ​​Village Gwaladam is Lamba Gwaladam, which is located 2 kilometers away from the Gwaldam market. Which was famous for the ancient post-food (post office) and Chakhkhana (tea factory).

Badhangarhi Temple Gwaladam Source: Fcaebook Badhangarhi

Gwaldam Post Office Source: Prokerala

Most Popular Curzon Track To Roopkund in Gwaldam

 Roopkund Trek Source: Memorable India

There are many places to visit here, you can have a picnic as well as visit many temples like Badhangarhi, Gwaldam Nag, Angiri Mahadev, Machi Tal, Buddha Temple, Pindar River sites, wildlife-rich areas along Roopkund Road and Like this. The main village of Atal Adarsh ​​Village Gwaladam is Lamba Gwaladam, which is located 2 kilometers away from the Gwaldam market. Which was famous for the ancient post-food (post office) and Chakhkhana (tea factory).

History of Gwaldam

Historically, Gwaladam is part of the Garhwal hills and is situated on the important borderline between Garhwal and Kumaon. A lot of battles were fought in the past. It is at a strategic point, it caused controversy between the Garhwal and Kumaon kings.

Gwaldam: Actually Located Between in The Two Hills & Who Ruled There

Gwaldam is located in the Gwaldam-Shisakhani hill and Gwaldam-Batanghari hill. This limit can only be crossed through Gwaldam. Among these rides is Kumaon in the south and Garhwal in the north. Later the Katyuri king, who hailed from Joshimath, and was sympathetic to the king of Garhwal due to his dynasty.

The king of Badhangari was subordinate to the Raja of Garhwal and was not well treated with the king of Kumaon, but had a good relationship with the Katyuri king because of his neighbors. All these created an unfortunate situation between the Kumaon and Garhwal kings. To overthrow the king of Badagarhi in the last decade of the 16th century, Chand Raja sent a great warrior Parku to fight with the king of Baghdadi. Unfortunately, the supply line was cut short by the Katyuri king and Parku was beheaded at Binayakadhar, perhaps a nearby intersection at Gwaldam.

The Raja of Garhwal rewarded the soldier who brought the head to Srinagar. This enraged the Chand king, Rudra Chand, and he personally led the troops and captured the Katyuri king and later killed the Katyuri king Sukhal Dev and exiled his family. Thus the significance of Gwallam can be understood. Atkinson, in his masterpiece, Himalayan Gazetteer narrated all these episodes.

When Was The ITBP Base Camp Established in Gwaldam?

Of strategic importance, the ITBP base camp was established in 1960 and the SSB Training Center was established in 1970 for some covert military operations. Locally, it was known as the Secret Service Bureau. SSB provided guerrilla warfare training.

SSB Training Center Source: SoloBackPacker

A large number of SSB guerrilla trained persons in Uttarakhand are still ready to serve for any reason. Presently a small unit of SSB exists which sometimes runs training courses. Major activities are transferred elsewhere. Training grounds, playgrounds, stadiums, helipads, and other infrastructure facilities are still here. Locals hope that this large tract of land can be used for about 10 square kilometers of adventure sports university or other useful activity.

Electric Power Project at Pindar River

A hydro-electric power project of 252 MW is under construction. The head of the project is at Nandeski on the Pindar River, a tributary of the Ganges River. The completion of this project will bring a beautiful lake and attract tourists from a remote part of the world. The women-centered Maiti movement, which involves a unique ritual of planting a sapling by a newly married couple, was started in 1994 by Kalyan Singh Rawat, an environmentalist in Gwaldam. It is a unique emotional program to develop environmental awareness among the people.

Central School Gwaldam Source: Fit India

Essential Services in Gwaldam: Education System, Hospitals, & Banks

GMVN Tourist Rest House at Gwaldam Source: SoloBackPacker
Gwaladam also has Central School, Government Inter College, Girls Junior High School, Vidya Mandir, Shishu Mandir, and other studies, coaching centers. Agronomy Center, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Center, Fruit Processing Center, Forest Rest House, GMVN Tourist Rest House, State Bank, Chamoli District Cooperative Bank Branch, etc. are also available here. A government allopathic hospital is also available here for basic health care.

Gwaldam Forest Rest House Source: Pathikworld Wordpress
Presently under the National Agricultural Development Plan, plans for the establishment of the Barbara goat such as Angora breeding farm and strengthening the pilot project are approved. Government Degree College Talwar is located at a distance of 11 km.

Buddist Kamba Temple Source: Rishikesh Day Tour

Tourist Places in Gwaldam

Gwaldam has Five Tourist Places for Visit

  • Angora Farm
  • Badhan Garhi Temple
  • Buddhist Khamba Temple
  • Macchi Tal
  • Gwalnaag

How To Reach Gwaldam from Your Location

ByAir: Pant Nagar is the nearest airport to Gwaldam, situated at a distance of 250KM. Pant Nagar is a domestic airport connected to Delhi.

ByRoad: The Nearest railhead to Gwaldam is Kathgodam located 169KMs, Before Gwaldam.

By Rail: Gwaldam is well connected by Road. It is at a distance of 36KM from Kausani, 22 Km from Baijnath, 45km from Bageshwar & only 149km from Nainital.

Delhi to Gwaldam

NG58 to Karanprayag Via: Meerut  -> Muzaffarnagar -> Roorkee -> Haridwar -> Rishikesh -> Devprayag -> Srinagar -> Rudraprayag & Gauchar State Road to Gwaldam Via Kulsari and Tharali.

Second Route To Gwaldam Via Kumaun Region: From Delhi Ghaziabad -> Muradabad -> Rampur -> Rudrapur -> Haldwani -> Bhowali -> Almora -> Someshwar -> Kausani -> Garur then to Gwaldam.

An Easy Way To Explore Gwaldam Hill Station

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