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The Secret of Kedarnath

Today we will talk about Kedarnath Dham. Shri Kedarnath Ji is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. They are also called Kedareshwar. It is situated at a guard called Kedar. In the Satyuga, Upmanayuga worshiped Lord Shankar. Worshiped Pandavas here in Dwapar. This is the Kedarnath region. 

The Mandakini river flows near this temple in the west's western direction. This temple is situated at an altitude of 3,585 meters above sea level. The ice-colored curtain looks very beautiful here. This is a holy pilgrimage site for Hindu and is the fifth Jyotirlingas out of the two Jyotirlingas. According to the Puranas, Lord Shiva was very angry with Pandavas as he had killed the creatures of his family in the Kurukshetra war. 

As soon as the Pandavas came to know this, they became anxious to seek blessings from Shiva and get rid of their sins. He started chasing Lord Shiva, because Shiva did not want to meet him, so he changed his face and fled to the Himalayas. Bhima screws him and runs to catch him, but Lord Shiva starts to mold the ground at the same place, yet Bhima catches him. Those who could not get rid of Shiva would remain at the same place which became the light link of the present. Seeing his devotion, Lord Shiva was pleased and liberated him from sin and ordered to worship the same. This is how Kedarnath Jyotirlinga originated.

For anyone who worships Kedareshwar with devotion, grief in dreams is rare. The devotee who worships Lord Shiva as a Shiva near the Shiva Linga offers Ankit Kala, he gets rid of all sins after seeing Bhagavata. After drinking the water of Kedar Tirtha, after worshiping it, a person is not born again.

The hill of Kedarnath temple at Mandakini's house, like Morkund, goes unnoticed. Shiva linga insistence is like tile. It is dark from within, its vision is seen with a lamp. Visitors pour ghee in the lamps, Water, flowers, etc. are offered in front of Shiva linga and ghee is applied in the body of God. The idol is four cubits long and pearls long. This type of construction was done by Pandavas and its height seems to be 80 feet. Which is built on a huge square.

Brownstones have been used in its construction. The biggest surprise is that even in the absence of mechanical means in ancient times, how would it have been established by bringing those huge stones in such an inaccessible place. This magnificent temple is living proof of the devotion of the Pandavas to Shiva, their visible strength and their muscle power. In this temple, exquisite workmanship has been done. Inside the temple, there is a wooden umbrella made of Satara on top of the pillars on which copper is built. 

The Shikhar of the temple is also of copper but it has been polished with gold. Seeing this kind of very beautiful, Sambhavbha Temple, the pilgrim is infinitely They get the feeling of pleasure and they feel that they are actually living in some Dev Bhoomi. Now some residence has become temporary here, but some 30 to 35 years ago Pando had to stay here. And he used to arrange for your food, drinking, and bedding, etc. Your method used to make you worship in Parabak temple. Going to the left side of the temple, a large ground is visible, in the middle of which small water streams flow. There are small plants of different types of flowers in the whole of Mandan, which gives the shape of Gaurangi carpet to the whole of Mandan. Trekking can be enjoyed in the green mountains around it.

Some of the other shrines around the temple are as follows.

Amrit Kund:

There is a small pool behind the main temple, whose water is considered to be full of diseases, other nectar properties.

Ishaneshwar Mahadev: On the left bank from the main temples, there is a small Mahadev temple in the rear.

Bhairavnath Mandir:

Half a kilometer away from the main temple, a temple of Bhairav Ji in the middle of the hill. It is believed that when the doors of the temple are closed, Bhairav Ji protects it.

Vasuki Tal:

Climbing the mountain behind the main temple, a Kishal lake is visible which is Vasukital. On this hill, flowers named Brahma Kamal bloom in August - September.

Samadhi Temple:

Just behind the main temple is the small temple which is the Samadhi of Shankaracharya. It is said that he left his body here at the age of 32 years after regretting having served four dams.

Gauri Kund:

This pilgrimage site is the last para pro to be sown by bus, here is the temple of Shiva Parvati, Which has sculptures of both metals. Near this is a pool of hot water, which is full of holy water.


There are pharaohs before Gauri Kund, travelers also stay here. Here the confluence of gold Ganga Mandakini takes place.

Triyugi Narayan Mandir:

One can ask at this temple by walking 14 kilometers from Sonprayag. It is believed that Shiva and Parvati were married here.

Some of the living places around the Uttarakhand are as follows

Mukteshwar - Cottage in Mukteshwar


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